Monday, January 23, 2012

Envirosax and art

Have you seen the video of a dolphin playing with a plastic bag as it floats in the ocean, subsequently getting trapped by it (don't worry, he eventually escapes)? Whales, seals, dolphins, and turtles ingest these bags and less than one percent of the one million plastic bags used per minute are recycled. If you haven't already done so, it's time to make a conscious change. Get reusable cloth bags and stop using plastic. Even better, get an Envirosax bag and you can have one of my paintings on it.

That's right. While this is not my usual thing, when Envirosax contacted me by way of the Surfrider Foundation, interested in using one of my paintings on their bags, I checked out their back story and mission and couldn't refuse. Theirs is a great company with a conscience: We believe in environmental sustainability. Plastic bags clog drains and cause flooding. They pollute rivers and streams, killing animals and destroying plantlife. They take years to photodegrade and have a very short life span. Envirosax provide a compelling alternative to the plastic bags which are doing so much damage to our planet.

(Mine is the one on the far left! The original painting is called Cambay.)

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